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According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the current overall unemployment rate for the United States stands at 9.5%. It is reported that this is the highest the unemployment rate has been in 16 years. This means that approximately 11.1 million people are unemployed, and it has been reported that the number of jobs that have been lost since the current recession began totals 2.59 million. That means that there are millions of qualified, competent, and well-educated individuals eager to supply a company with their time, talents, and skills.

While millions of jobs have been lost during the recession, there are still jobs available on the market. Various and numerous companies are searching for individuals that can fill a particular niche or play a specific role within their business or organization. The trick is finding those companies that are hiring and successfully marketing yourself and the value that only you can bring to the company. This is where employment agencies can provide invaluable guidance and assistance to unemployed job seekers.

Employment agencies can be of particular help to jobseekers in highly populated states with high unemployment rates. For example, California is the most populated state in the U.S. and has an unemployment rate of 12.1%. With a population of almost 37 million, a significant number of Californians are facing unemployment. Employment agencies in California are working diligently to assist unemployed individuals find either temporary, part-time, permanent, or full-time positions. Other states with high unemployment rates include:

These states and territories have some of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and many of the residents living in these areas need professional help in locating and securing employment.

Employment agencies, sometimes referred to as staffing agencies, are paid by companies and businesses to find qualified employees to fill vacant positions within their organizations. Employment agencies may be classified as temporary employment agencies, as the companies they assist are only interested in hiring employees on a temporary basis. Temporary jobs can be either full-time or part time, and a temporary job is better than no job at all. In some cases, temporary work can lead to permanent employment with a company.

Individuals opting to use employment agencies to assist them in finding work should understand that they still have a role to play in finding a job. Job seekers should contact their employment agency regularly to obtain updates on available jobs and any steps that need to be taken to make sure they are considered for the job. Reputable employment agencies and reputable temporary employment agencies do not require job seekers to pay any monies upfront for the agency’s job placement assistance. Any employment agencies that require job seekers to pay them money before securing job placement should be avoided.

Placing an application with multiple agencies is recommended because the more help you have the better your chances at securing a job in your field of interest. Job seekers should not be afraid to try something new or venture outside of their field. The more experience a job seeker has, the more market value he or she will possess. Employment agencies all across the country are available and willing to help serious job seekers find and secure job placement.